Jim Frazier Collection

Jim Frazier developed this unique form of crystal art some 35 years ago.

These lithographs are now brought to you exclusively through Victoria Loves Shopping.

These are genuine lithographs, signed by Jim, printed with archival inks, produced before digital photography and available in limited numbers.

Jim describes his unique crystal art as ‘Working creatively hand in hand with nature’.

Jim’s Crystal Art captures naturally growing crystals in their purest form.  Grown on glass in his laboratory, he combines his astonishing ability to capture their detail on film using specially developed lighting techniques and his famous, Oscar winning, ‘Frazier lens’ – creating this original, exclusive and often painstakingly tedious art form.

Art collectors who have acquired one of Jim Frazier’s amazing crystal art lithographs include

Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, Goldie Hawn, the late Colleen McCullough and Sylvester Stallone.

Now available at these very special prices, place your order and your lithograph,  signed by Jim will be mailed to you ready for framing.

Who is Jim Frazier…

Internationally famous for his filming and photography of wildlife for many of Sir David Attenborough’s series and for inventing the specialised lenses,  known as the Frazier/Panavision lens system,  now widely used throughout the film industry,

Jim was awarded an Oscar and an Emmy as well as 38 other national and international awards including an Honorary Doctorate for his ‘Contribution of biological knowledge to science’ and more recently made a lifetime member of the Australian Cinematographers Society.

During his years filming wildlife, Jim developed many highly sophisticated photographic techniques that enable the unique imagery of wildlife. His greatest joy is photographing butterflies in flight or ‘Flying Flowers’ as he affectionately call them.